Spring, with its unique mineral composition, originates from the area of ​​the Nepravishtës, in Albania. It has been known regionally for its beneficial health properties.

Mainly due to its origin, Spring is ideally balanced in beneficial minerals, such as low sodium levels which make it ideal for any diet, low levels of salts which make it ideal for children. These rare properties set Spring apart from any other water, making it the perfect water for every family table.


Spring’s social media strategy wasn’t clearly defined, making its goals challenging to reach. They needed an external team to leverage purposeful digital marketing opportunities. Spring needed a well-thought-out strategy to amplify its brand message and attract new, loyal customers.


Our initial step was to construct the framework for a social media presence, increase exposure to potential consumers, generate interest for their product, and build a relationship with customers.

We managed their social media channels with strategy, execution, and content creation. We started by creating organic content to give followers an idea of what to expect from the brand and attracting followers with informative and engaging ads that were distributed to people who fit our target market.

By building, executing, and optimizing its marketing strategy, Spring is now one of the most recognizable water brands in Kosovo.


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