Agna Kosova


Bring together a bottler, a distributor, advertiser, merchandiser, constructor, and real estate agent and you have the AGNA Group.

The first company Anonime Kakavi, was set up in 1991, from Vasil NAÇI, Kosta SOTIRI, Kristo NAÇI, Grigorios TZOUMAKAS, and Georgios ZOIDIS, as an importer and exclusive distributor of well-known brands in the categories of dry foods, beverages, detergents, cosmetics, and cigarettes.

AGNA Group offers distribution and representation services to the most well-known trademarks operating in Greece, Serbia, Kosovo, and Montenegro.


Agna group wanted to enter a new market and promote the products that they offer. Being a carrier of many international brands, they wanted to grow their social media presence to introduce those brands to new potential clients.


To start off we optimized their social media profiles, in the process of analyzing social media audiences we developed a strategy tailored for them and the distribution industry. We then proceeded on creating and distributing content on their social media using the right communication for the targeted audience.

Our focus was to lay the groundwork for establishing a presence on social media in a professional manner by ensuring that the content was consistent across platforms, increase visibility to potential customers, generate excitement around the products, and ultimately begin building relationships with the clients who would benefit from Agna’s products.

We created and developed campaigns that were launched on Facebook and Instagram We ensured that content was consistent across platforms monitoring, measuring, and reporting on social media performance and ROI. Overall, our efforts created valuable audiences, allowed us access to insight about our users that will help inform our client for their future marketing efforts, brought in a great deal of visibility, and provided a solid foundation for them to move forward in digital marketing.


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