MC Food


MC Food L.L.C was founded in 2012 where the main focus was the food business and bringing the highest quality and most trusted brands in Kosovo. In this way, MC Food ensures that their customers are served with the perfect European and world quality. Mcfood is passionate about food and they believe that the key to a healthier life is quality food.

To follow this principle, today MC Food L.L.C is a representative of the highest quality and most famous world brands. Currently they are the exclusive representative and distributor of over 10 world famous brands such as: SADIA, PERDIX, MYDAY, SIBLOU, HIGLO, FARMFRITES, SPECIAL PIZZA, AMMERLANDER, TIKO, WEIDEGLUCK, STERILTOM, etc.


Mc Food wanted to build an online presence to promote and sell their products. Even though they were already active on different social media platforms there was very little online presence. They needed to optimize their social media accounts,redesign their website, and develop a new marketing strategy.


We started off by focusing on who our target audience would likely be and how to build a social media image and structure that would be appealing to them, clear, and consistent with other marketing efforts. We initially focused heavily on brand awareness and building the right audience.

Our primary social media focus was Facebook and Instagram. Here, our focuses were accomplished by starting organic content to give new followers an idea of what to expect from following the page and attracting followers with informative and engaging ads that were distributed to people who fit our target market. After collecting a following on Facebook and Instagram to whom it would be relevant, we maintained the relationships with selected organic content that would be engaging and in line with the client’s mission. We also hosted giveaways that resulted in massive amounts of social visibility for our clients.

Furthermore, we redesigned their website which now achieves their goals of being interactive and user-friendly for both their users and themselves. Our Web Developers added several dynamic and interactive components throughout, such as videos, recipes, and number visuals to keep users interested and engaged on every page they click on. By adding more visual elements and incorporating team members and company culture into the website, Mc Food’s web presence has been given more life.


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