Carpe Diem


Carpe Diem is a restaurant in Prishtina, with a relaxing and warm environment that offers varied and quality traditional food. With a professional staff trained in the art of table service, and knowledgeable, not only about food and wine in general, but their chef’s menu in particular so that they offer clients the information and service they need.


As a restaurant, one of their main objectives was to increase their presence in social media so that their customers get informed about their food, visit their restaurant and generate revenue growth.


When we started working with Carpe Diem, we knew we had to establish a marketing strategy tailored to fit their needs to reach local customers. Building a strong social presence was the key to connecting with both new and existing customers—and gaining more positive reviews from both.

Using Facebook and Instagram, we were able to directly tag all of Carpe Diem products in their social media posts. We created smart, compelling content to highlight the restaurant offers to drive customers to the restaurant. This allowed their followers to engage with the brand and create a desire to try the dishes that were promoted in social media posts.


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