Birra Prishtina


Birra Prishtina is a new company in the Kosovo market, which is produced according to the German purity law “Reinheitsgebot”. Prishtina Brewery started production in 2014, with a production line that contains an area of ​​1850 m². It is equipped with modern machinery and technology, professional staff trained by brewers of different European countries such as Germany, Italy, Slovenia, etc.

Regarding the name Birra Prishtina, we thought to name it after the capital, in order for Prishtina to be identified with one of its beers. Now Birra Prishtina has a wide range and is found in almost all cafes, restaurants, and markets, not only in the capital but also in the entire territory of Kosovo.


Our conversation with Birra Peja began around the theme of new beginnings. They had been in the market for a while and had some success getting their product on- and off-premise. However, they knew it was time to shake things up. They wanted to increase their social media presence and create a new vision and tone for their brand.


Knowing the overabundance of craft beers on the market and the overwhelming choices that consumers are faced with, we wanted our content to visually grab attention. Together, we crafted a strategy to increase social engagement, sales, and search results. An important tenet of the strategy was educating craft beer consumers (both current and potential customers) about Birra Prishtina.

We focused on creating content that would drive emotional engagement and enhance brand recognition. The visually bold, fun, confident tone we set offers an identifiable, unified brand that drives recognition, differentiates from the competition, and creates a sustained conversation with customers.


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