Met Daan


MetDaan is an Irish digital media and entertainment company based in Tralee, Co. Kerry, Ireland, founded in 2015.

MetDaan is a digital lifestyle hub that celebrates discovery and creativity in all forms. With a focus on relevant, relatable and useful content from emerging creators across the globe who share their passion for beauty, fashion, food and more.

They’ve recently partnered with Snapchat to create content for its Irish Discover section.


Metdaan needed video content for their digital channels.
They were looking for interesting, engaging, informative video concepts and visuals that would generate more views.
They also wanted to maintain consistency, while portraying the brand’s image.


Development: During this initial phase, we created the concept of the video which had to be original and entertaining. We wrote the script and the storyboard.

Pre-production: We hired the crew and actors, scouted and determined shooting locations, and constructed any necessary sets or props.

Production: We recorded the raw footage during this stage.

Post-production: In this stage we encompassed the editing process of the video.

Our videos generated a total of 150.000.000 views.



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