KosovaMed Healthcare sh.p.k., offers a wide range of medical equipment, of the most proven and world-renowned brands, offers to health professionals, doctors, small clinics and hospitals, quality solutions of medical equipment. Proven staff with long experience in the field of medical technology and after-sales services.


KosovaMed wanted to raise their social media presence, but first, they wanted to rebrand their business by creating a new identity that would showcase their professionalism and that would communicate precisely who they are, what they do, what their company stands for, and the values it’s built upon.


By partnering with KosovaMed, we walked them through our in-depth discovery process. During this process, we helped their team rediscover who they were and where they wanted to go. An updated mission, vision, and brand. We began to put a strategic plan in place to help present their brand in a new way.

In the design phase, we took all the research and assessment and began to build concepts, mood boards, and messaging to present and continue the rebranding process. Using our discovery data, we worked with KosovaMed to formulate a new messaging and approach and new colors and logomark. Their new brand has served to connect their business with their ideal customers.


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