Iconic is an online store that’s all about self-expression through clothes and style. Their goal is to inspire their clients to feel special every time they wear ICONIC. With super creative t-shirt designs and premium quality fabrics, Iconic is the way for you to stand out! Be unique, be stylish, feel Iconic, BE ICONIC!


Iconic wanted to create an online platform where they could sell their products and further growth in the future. They also wanted to ensure their online presence could deliver a digital experience that would express their unique approach to self-expression. Creating the right marketing strategy and targeting a niche demographic was one of the key requirements that they had.


We developed a complete digital strategy, defining the entire architecture, user experience, and interface interactions across all facets of the shopping journey. Our aim was to celebrate the quality of the brands and enable effortless engagement throughout the experience.

We created vibrant and informative content to ensure continued growth and engagement. In collaboration with Iconic, we designed a complete digital strategy for customer engagement and SEO, driving engagement and achieving ongoing success for our client.


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