Fritz Kola


Fritz-kola (stylized as fritz-kola) is a soft drink made in north Germany and shipped to many nations in the European Union. It has a relatively high caffeine content and is sold in glass bottles with labels which were originally black and white, using the faces of the two founders in the logo.

Their cola is today sold in bars and shops all around Europe. After Germany the main markets are the Netherlands, Poland, Belgium and Austria.


Fritz Kola was entering a new market where there was little knowledge of the brand. Being in a competitive industry, they wanted to use the right tools to showcase their products, create a marketing strategy tailored to the region, inform potential customers about their brand and increase revenue growth.


We took a holistic look at the brand, and we started at the top. Our first goal was to define the brand based on its existing personality, its offerings, and what space it wanted to occupy in the soft drink world.

We began by determining who our potential target audience was and how to create a social media image and structure that was appealing to them, straightforward, and aligned with previous marketing efforts. Initially, we concentrated on raising brand recognition and attracting the correct audience.

We created organic content that would be engaging and in line with the client’s mission. We also developed in-store case stackers in order to help retail partners sell products through to consumers and create prime merchandising space for the brand.


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