Senior video editor ( 2 positions)

Job Description

We are looking for a creative and experienced 2 Senior Video Editors that have the skill set and expertise to add flair to our creative domain at Digipow.

If you love to express your creativity by working with the biggest international brands, you will be a great match for our dream team.

As our Senior Video Editor you will have the opportunity to edit creative and compelling entertainment videos and campaigns through a wide variety of projects across multiple digital platforms.

As a Senior Video Editor, you will be responsible for assembling recorded film and video footage, applying artistic editing techniques and creating finished, broadcast-worthy projects that accurately reflect the vision of the production department.

To ensure success as a Senior Video Editor, you should have expert knowledge of modern video editing techniques, be able to visualise directorial concepts and work according to a strict time schedule. Ultimately, a top-notch video editor can perfectly translate a director’s idea into a beautifully crafted film or video piece, worthy of broadcasting.


  • work to a brief, or outline of footage and/or a shot list, script, or screenplay
  • assemble raw footage, with camera shots, either recorded or transferred onto video tape in preparation for inputting into the computer
  • input uncut rushes and sound, and synchronise and store them into files on the computer
  • digitally cut files to put together the sequence of the film and decide what’s usable
  • create a ‘rough cut’ (or assembly edit) of the programme/film and determine the exact cutting for the next and final stages
  • reorder and fine-tune the content to ensure the logical sequencing and smooth running of the film/video.

You may also need to:

  • oversee the quality and progress of audio and video engineering and editing
  • experiment with styles and techniques, including the design of graphic elements
  • write voiceover/commentary
  • suggest or select music
  • carry out online editing – and depending on your role you may also finalise technical aspects such as correcting faulty footage, grading and colouring and adding special effects.


  • a keen eye for detail and a critical mind
  • creativity and a passionate interest in film and video editing
  • patience and concentration
  • the ability to listen to others and to work well as part of a team
  • a high level of self-motivation, commitment and dedication
  • organisational and time management skills
  • the ability to work under pressure and to deadlines
  • communication skills, both written and oral.


  • Previous work experience as a video editor.
  • Hands-on experience with editing software, including Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer, Lightworks, and Premier.
  • Creative and artistic skills.
  • Familiarity with 3D composition and special effects.
  • Portfolio of completed film productions.
  • Ability to work to a tight schedule.
  • Ability to translate ideas into complete projects.

How to Apply:

Please email your resume and a link to your portfolio to with the subject line “Senior Video Editor Application – [Your Name]”. Applications will be accepted until 18.06.2023

Digipow is an equal opportunity employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to creating an inclusive environment for all employees.

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