Birra Peja


Birra Peja is a Kosovar brewery , construction of which began in 1968. In 2010 the company was privatized. In addition to the brewery, Birra Peja also operates warehouses, transport and delivery vehicles as well as wholesale and retail branches in Kosovo.

The company’s headquarters are located in the city of Peja. The main owners of the brewery are Birra Peja Sh. a. and the Devolli Group . Since March 2012, the Swiss retail company Coop has been selling Birra Peja in cans as the first Kosovar product .


Birra Peja’s social media strategy wasn’t clearly defined, making their goals challenging to reach. They needed an external team to leverage purposeful digital marketing opportunities to create a new communication strategy. They needed a well-thought-out path to amplify their brand message and attract new customers.


We started by optimizing their social media profiles, in the process of analyzing social media audiences we developed a strategy tailored for them and the brewery industry. We then proceeded on creating and distributing content on their social media using the right communication for the targeted audience.

Our focus was to lay the groundwork for establishing a presence on social media by ensuring that the content was consistent across platforms, increasing visibility to potential customers, generating excitement around the products, and ultimately building relationships with the clients.

By building, executing, and optimizing their marketing strategy we were able to help Birra Peja build out effective and worthwhile loyalty programs, which encourage repeat visits, reward regulars, and give customers something to look forward to.



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