Advertising & PR

Advertising that connects and converts.

If your brand isn’t advertising, then you’re missing out on the opportunity to be on top of the game. Advertising gives your business the opportunity to communicate with both current and new customers and influence their future purchase considerations by injecting your brand into the conversation.

We at DigiPow believe that advertising needs to be a part of your greater strategy for growth. Tactical and strategic, DigiPow creates research-backed advertising campaigns that align your objectives and your message to make sure your customers hear you loud and clear. Whether through an engaging series of advertising or Google search marketing, it’s our goal to help customers find and interact with your brand.

Our team helps you reach your target audience with original and engaging search and display ads, build brand awareness for products or services with a competitive and targeted social media campaign across all platforms, benefit from word-of-mouth recommendations with influencer marketing to drive sales and brand awareness and generate positive publicity for your business to maintain or enhance your company’s image and the products it offers. The opportunities are endless when you work with real experts.

Problems Advertising & PR solves

First Solve

Increase visibility within your industry

Second Solve

Educate customers and increase sales

Third Solve

Change outdated or negative perceptions
of your business

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Common questions you might have about Advertising & PR

Advertising helps a business to earn profits by enabling more people to know about the products and services and thus resulting in more sales. … Advertisements help the consumers to make decisions regarding which product and service to buy. With the help of advertisements, a consumer gets the best possible options.

In order to get the most out of your campaigns, it’s important that you continually keep an eye on your campaigns. This way, you can assess if your campaign is performing for you then make changes to improve performance if necessary. Make sure your content is ready before you launch, set up your campaigns for success, improve performance through titles and thumbnails, track performance, target highly engaged audiences, and optimize campaign item elements.

Lead conversion occurs when one person (usually in Marketing or Sales) ‘converts’ an existing Lead into an Account, Contact, and Opportunity. Often, this is when the person passes a threshold lead score or grade. The Sales team pick up the opportunity and drive it through the sales process.

Publicity through public relations gives credibility to your business as the content is more authentic and informative. Studies indicate that PR gives more visibility and credibility among the consumer market than advertising which is perceived as more promotional.

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